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The Milwaukee Jazz Institute, a non-profit organization,  promotes jazz through education and performance, building awareness of this art form's ability to transform lives and strengthen our community. We seek to expand and diversify the local audience for jazz and to create opportunities for professional and aspiring musicians.


March 19 and 20
Saint Kate Arts Hotel

The 2020 MJI Educational Jazz Festival will feature members of Milwaukee’s all-star jazz group We Six, along with other top jazz musicians and educators. High school and middle school jazz combos and big bands will have the opportunity to perform, receive feedback, and compete for awards. Workshops and professional performances will be offered throughout the day. Day passes are available for purchase for those of all ages in the community who want to participate. The festival will be held on March 19 and 20, 2020 at the Saint Kate Arts Hotel.


Be Inspired

Music performance inspires people and can bring about positive change in our community. The We Six ensemble and MJI's guest artists present world-class jazz to the community in an effort to expand and diversify audiences. Because we believe performance is essential to music education, we take our students out of the classroom into the real world to perform in top jazz venues and create opportunities for them to hear and learn from master musicians.

Be Part of the Tradition

The Milwaukee Jazz Institute is committed to preserving, promoting, and advancing jazz in the Greater Milwaukee Area. We recognize that this music is passed from one generation to the next. The nurturing and mentoring of musicians of all ages and bringing them into the jazz community is the goal of the MJI artists, who have dedicated their lives to the study and performance of jazz.

To Learn and Share the Art Form

"They try to kill the music, but when they stomp it out here, it grows up over there. They kill it over there, it comes up over here. Jazz will always be there because people will come along who can think."

- Jazz Legend, Manty Ellis