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We Strive to Keep the Tradition Alive


Be Inspired

Music performance inspires people and can bring about positive change in our community. The We Six ensemble, MJI's faculty, and guest artists present world-class jazz to the community in an effort to expand and diversify audiences. Because we believe performance is essential to music education, we take our students out of the classroom into the real world to perform in top jazz venues and create opportunities for them to hear and learn from master musicians.



Be A Part of the Tradition

The Milwaukee Jazz Institute is committed to preserving, promoting, and advancing jazz in the Greater Milwaukee Area. We recognize that this music is passed from one generation to the next. The nurturing and mentoring of musicians of all ages and bringing them into the jazz community is the goal of the MJI artists, who have dedicated their lives to the study and performance of jazz.


Learn and Share the Art Form

Diversity and inclusion are always front of mind at MJI. We find that talent is equally distributed; therefore, we strive to make sure opportunity is as well.

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