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Singer, Songwriter and multifaceted Musician Chris Crain is taking the R&B scene by storm. His passion for using his music to make a change is prevalent in every lyric; every rhythm; every note. Change – in the way people listen to music and the way it makes them feel.

Born in Chicago, raised in Lumberton and now residing in Milwaukee – Chris’ musical birthright was just the foundation of a greater platform. Although he was brought up in a family of musicians and has played an instrument since the age of 7, Chris never “planned” to be a musician. It’s just who he’s always been.

With over 12 years of experience in Gospel & Jazz music behind him and the rest of his life ahead of him to leave his mark on an industry where only the strong survive – Chris is more than ready to give the R&B community something it’s been missing… Him! With an extensive resume that consists of 6 albums, 2 WAMI’s for Contemporary Jazz Artist of the Year and plethora of performances that has taken him all across the county, Chris is clearly no stranger to producing quality and impressionable music.

The newly released album entitled, The Better Project, is Chris’ most recent venture and already, the sales are taking off! The Better Project not only offers an unequaled melodic experience soulfully saturated with love and passion, but in a union of rhythm and lyrics it does something special to the mood of its listener; waking a part of the conscious that most of us ignore.

– Better – is more than a feeling, it’s a way of life. Chris Crain has dedicated his greatest passion to making everything and everyone around him better, including himself. Born with a special birth defect called Brachial Plexus, he’s determined to show the world that even when your journey is an expected hard and long road, the only thing that will keep you from your dreams is you. In support of families who suffer from the hardships associated with dealing with Brachial Plexus, Chris has started a foundation called The Better Project Awareness Foundation.

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