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Devin Drobka is a drummer, composer, and educator who has played drums for over 20 years. He received his BMA in Jazz Drumming Performance from Berklee College of Music in 2009, where he studied with master drummer Bob Moses. While at Berklee, he performed with legends of the jazz world, such as Joe Lovano, Jerry Bergonzi, Greg Osby, Cecil McBee, Dave Santoro, Ed Tomassi, and Phil Grenadier. ​He moved to New York in 2010 to further his musical knowledge. While in New York, he performed at Kitano's, Douglass St. Music Collective, Sycamore, Setai, Way Station, Branded Saloon, Barbes, and the Shapeshifter lab. Devin returned to Milwaukee in 2013 and became a go-to educator and drummer. He is currently one of the most in-demand performers and educators in the Midwest and is on the faculty of the Milwaukee Jazz Institute. You can catch Devin performing with his group Bell Dance Songs, Field Report, Lesser Lakes Trio, Johannes Wallmann Group, Paul Silbergleit Trio, Dim Lighting, Argopelter, Lady Cannon, Dave Miller, John Christensen's Atlas, Soft Alarm, and many others.

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