Devin Drobka, drummer, composer and educator has been playing drums for the past 20 years. Devin is currently one of the most in-demand Performers and Educators in the Midwest.

​Devin decided to further his education and applied to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Devin received his BMA in Jazz Drumming Performance from Berklee College of Music in 09' where he had the chance to study with Terri Lynn Carrington, Bob Tamigni, Skip Hadden, Jamey Haddad, Kenwood Dennard, Jon Hazilla, Ralph Peterson Jr, Ian Froman, and the master drummer Bob Moses. While at Berklee Devin performed with legends of the Jazz world such as Joe Lovano, Jerry Bergonzi, Greg Osby, Cecil McBee, Dave Santoro, Ed Tomassi, and Phil Grenadier.

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While in Devin's last year at Berklee he was asked to play drums in the world-famous Jerry Bergonzi Quartet which featured Phil Grenadier on Trumpet, Bruce Barth on Piano, and Dave Santoro on Bass.

​Devin moved to New York in 2010 to further his musical knowledge. While in New York he performed at Kitano's, Douglass St. Music Collective, Sycamore, Setai, Way Station, Branded Saloon, Barbes, and the Shapeshifter lab.

​Devin has performed at the Tanglewood Jazz Fest, Eastside Jazz Fest, and Salem Jazz Fest, CMJ Festival NY.

​Devin has performed with Bruce Barth, Jeff Parker, Jeremy Pelt, Russ Johnson, Johannes Wallmann, Dayna Stephens, Dave Miller, John Tate, Jerry Bergonzi, Tony Malaby, Joe Solomon, Dave Santoro, Mario Pavone, Matt Wilson, Tadataka Unno, Dan Tepfer, Josh Berman, Joe Martin, Tom Chang, Chris Tordini, Lena Bloch, Kyle Wilson, Ben Wendall, Jorge Roeder, Dan Blake, Tyler Blanton, Dmitry Ishenko, Sean Conly, Melissa Aldana, Will Slater, Joe Lovano, Dayna Stephens, and Dennis Carroll.

​Devin moved back to Milwaukee, WI in 2013 and quickly established himself as a go-to educator. Currently, Devin teaches at the West End Conservatory, Lake Country Conservatory, and at his house. Devin is also teaching drumset and helping coach the combos at UW-Whitewater.

​In 2015 Devin began recording for the Hal Leonard Corporation. Devin is playing drums on the Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Trumpet Ballads play along series.

​Devin is also the founder of UnrehearsedMKE which is one of the longest-running local improvised music series.

You can catch Devin performing with his group Bell Dance Songs, Field Report, Lesser Lakes Trio, Johannes Wallamann Group, Paul Silbergliet Trio, Dim Lighting, Argopelter, Lady Cannon, Dave Miller, John Christensen's Atlas, Soft Alarm, and Many others.